Commission a Painting

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Ever thought about commissioning a painting, but didn't know how?

Commissioning you very own original painting can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Commissioning a painting from myself, Al' Warner  is easier and in many cases not as expensive as you may believe.   Many people have commissioned paintings from me, some are portraits of loved ones or pets, some are places that have meaning to them, some are to compliment a newly decorated room and many, for other reasons that I'll never know. 




How Much Is Your Portrait Going To Cost?

Commissioned portraits are very bespoke and very personal, different people require different things from their individual paintings.  I like to work closely with you so that I can create a painting that exceeds your expectations.  Because each portrait is so individual prices do vary depending on such reasons such as size, background, material (acrylic, pencil, watercolour) etc.  

The price list below is purely a guide